Pioneering Epilepsy Work

Pioneering Epilepsy Work


Dr Peg Cumberland’s pioneering work in Niassa with Epilepsy patients continues at a pace. Her work this year has focussed on supporting the government mental health programme for Niassa province mainly through the training and support of the district mental health clinical officer. She travelled thousands of miles with Senhor Cazembe, (Head of the Mental Health programme) visiting the mental health clinical officers in each of the 17 districts. 


At the end of 2017, she led a week-long training in Kuchijinji centre for all of Niassa Province’s 22 mental health clinical officers. The training focused on epilepsy diagnosis & treatment and the progress made in each district since an initial training held in April 2017. Peg aims to further improve the support in 2018 and will also start improving services for people with schizophrenia & bipolar disorder.  




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