MANNA responds to Cyclone Idai & Flooding in Mozambique


MANNA responds to Cyclone Idai & Flooding in Mozambique

It is hard to comprehend the enormity of the destruction caused in Mozambique by Cyclone Idai and the flooding after. Now, we know that the scale of the impact is not the end of the story.

128,000 people were displaced, lost their homes & livelihoods and sheltered in 143 collective sites across Sofala, Manica, Zambezia & Tete. Entire villages have been washed away. 800,00 were affected. More than 600 people are dead. Now communities are facing issues of food, shelter, the threat of cholera & malaria and then the need to rebuild and start again.

MANNA has been working with the churches and communities across these areas for over 100 years.

Destroyed church (also used for classrooms in Nhamatanda area

We are in it for the long haul. We want to support those in desperate need now and then later as they seek to rebuild their lives. It’s what we do and what we have been doing for decades alongside these communities. The dioceses are already responding with emergency support and we are supporting this work with our appeal.

Archbishop Thabo visits remote areas in Morrumbala, Zambezia to give support

We also know that the church is very well placed to respond in these emergencies because there are Anglican communities everywhere in all the hard to reach remote areas. They are able to respond with emergency assessment of the situation, food, clean water & hygiene provision, shelter, seeds, etc.

Fr Domingos visits churches and communities cut off after the cyclone and flooding in Nhamatanda area
Destroyed houses means this where people are taking shelter

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