Cabo Delgado Emergency Appeal

Cabo Delgado Emergency Appeal

The humanitarian situation in northern Mozambique has deteriorated over the last year due to an extreme & violent insurgency. Half a million people have fled their homes in Cabo Delgado and 2,000 have been killed.

This area needs peace and immediate action.

These internally displaced people (IDP’s) are extremely vulnerable to a wide variety of dangers.

The Diocese of Nampula is working with IDP’s in host communities and in camps to support their huge needs. This appeal aims to give humanitarian and spiritual support to some of these communities.

Please support us and give now so we can make a difference today.

Photos: Muassite Miguel who heads up the Community Development work at the Anglican Diocese of Nampula visits the IDP camp at Namialo, 80km from Nampula with Fr Eugenio Mepo. This is the main IDP camp in northern Mozambique.

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