Cornerstone - Manna
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This is our biggest need.


We are one of the main backstops for these 4 dioceses and often their needs are great so they struggle to make ends meet.


We support the things that are not so obvious but are the cornerstone of the work of these dioceses and churches; salaries, buildings, transport, utility bills, running costs.


We work in partnership with these inspirational dioceses so they in turn can support the churches and their projects on the ground.

It was great to hear from the Synod of Bishops in mid-February that the Diocese of Angola is now a full and autonomous Anglican Diocese. The Synod of Bishops agreed that, after a long journey, the Missionary Diocese of Angola should be granted the status......

  The Mustard Seed Fund@MANNA IN MEMORY OF THE LATE KATHLEEN BISHOP A Fund for the Anglican Dioceses of Mozambique & Angola for income generating projects   Some people choose to make sure that when they die, their lives go on to impact others and......

Plans for a proper church building for the congregation of St Simon and St Jude, Namacunde, Diocese of Angola have been in discussion for a while so it was good to see the building starting earlier this year with the foundations being dug. This joint......

It is exciting to hear that the Diocese of Lebombo has drawn up plans to establish a purpose-built Theological Training Seminary to train future Pastors and Church leaders. A 5 acre piece of land has been acquired at Majuva 25km south of Maputo. The whole......

Will you be a cornerstone for this vital work?
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