Covid-19 Appeal

In Mozambique & Angola where poverty is rife and there is widespread lack of access to clean water, the threat of COVID-19 is very real. 

The pandemic has gained considerable pace in the region, and the effects are already being felt. Remote communities face severe food insecurity, loss of income and limited access to already scarce medical resources. 

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Who are MANNA?

MANNA, a UK registered Christian charity works with four Anglican dioceses across Mozambique and Angola. Empowering communities for over 100 years, MANNA has supported the building of churches, schools and clinics, run community development programmes, delivered health and hygiene training and fed the hungry. Learn more about the recent work we’ve been involved in here.

How Will Your Donation Be Spent?

MANNA’s aim is to give the dioceses we support as much autonomy as possible.

Each diocese works closely with us to develop a plan for funding, which addresses the most pressing needs of the local community.

Currently the main priority is training community workers and church leaders, so they can educate families on how to combat Covid-19.

The teams we support are also giving assistance to the most vulnerable families in the form of soap, food and seeds. 


Coronavirus threatens communities already weakened by disease, hunger and poverty. The action we take now to protect them could be the difference between life and death.


Follow MANNA’s social media channels for the latest updates on our work, and developments in the region’s we support. 

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