#Good2BAnglican 2017 - Manna
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#Good2BAnglican 2017

Some amazing things are going on in the Anglican Communion today. But we don’t always hear about them or celebrate them. This Lent, every day we shall be looking at single photo with a wonderful Good News story behind it from Mozambique or Angola and praying each day that we can learn from this story, be challenged or inspired by it and celebrate the fact that it’s #Good2BAnglican.

Day 1: Ash Wednesday: Step by Step

These church community development workers in Mozambique are learning through games and activities about their work and working as a team: they come alongside the people in their communities as they face issues such as HIV, lack of nutrition and water & sanitation difficulties. Rebecca Vander Meulen talks about their work:

“We are not telling people what to do; we are walking alongside each other, learning from each other and so though we do indeed have some very highly trained staff people, they get down in the fields and work with the Equipa de Vida, (community development teams) do door-to-door campaigns with them. And that really develops a sense of trust, a sense of relationship: ‘we are in this together’.”

As Christians, we are also called to walk alongside others through their joys and their sorrows. Step by step along the journey of faith. Wherever God has placed you today, walk those steps with the courage, perseverance, joy and love that comes from the Lord Jesus.

Lord Jesus, we pray for the community development workers in Niassa that you will bless their work and encourage them daily, step by step as they face huge challenges of health and education in their communities. Amen. 

Photo credit and quote: www.rvmphotography.com talking about Community Development teams ‘Equipas de Vida’ from Diocese of Niassa

Step by Step (1)

Day 2: 2nd March: Together


The joy that comes from working together: that is so evident in this photo. This was the first ‘coming together’ back in November 2016, of the youth of the 3 Dioceses of Angola, Lebombo & Niassa also with the Green Anglicans the brothers of Bernard Mizeki, Mothers Union and more. This was the wonderful celebratory service in Maciene. Coming together is a key part of the Jesus’ gospel of peace, unity and unconditional love for all. Regardless of what has happened in the past Jesus calls us to work together in unity and then His joy, like this photo will be evident for all to see.

Lord Jesus, we pray for a sense of unity across the Lebombo, Niassa & Angola and thank you for these ‘coming togethers’. As the dioceses grow and plan multiplication, we pray that your Gospel of Peace and Unity will be paramount over all the plans. Amen. 


Day 3: 3rd March: Health

Angola has been effected by huge a health crisis this past year on a number of different fronts. The Diocese of Angola is responsible for two clinics, one attached to St Peters, Cazenga and another the Nora Sturges Clinic  in a very poor area of Lobito.The Lobito clinic like so many other rural clinics in Angola has been struggling in this current climate. But this past year, a joint initiative between MANNA & the JC Flowers Foundation enabled an independent report on the clinic and plans to improve the situation. If you would like to help us, click here to help: https://my.give.net/NoraSturgesHealthClinic

Lord Jesus we pray for the Nora Sturges Clinic in Lobito and a new plan to enable it to thrive & better serve the health needs of Lobito. Amen. 


Day 4: 4th March: Followers

It’s hard to keep track of all the baptisms and confirmations that go in the 3 dioceses……There are just so many. Here’s Bishop Carlos from Lebombo, baptising & confirming a ton of kids and adults: travelling from one parish to another, blessing what the Holy Spirit is already active doing. It’s wonderful to see these followers, many of them young. In a country where 65% of population is under 25, it’s clear the church is thriving and Jesus is busy making followers. Now if that isn’t Good News, I don’t know what is?!

Father God

We thank you for these young and old followers who have chosen for you. Bless each one of them and their journeys and their choices so that through them your Kingdom will grow. 




Day 5: 5th March: Life-givers

These ‘adeptos’ from Mozambique who are all part of ‘Teams of Life’ (Equipas da Vida) from the Mission department in the Niassa Diocese are indeed ‘life-givers’. Here they are taking part in regular training meetings to enable them to better support their communities in HIV prevention, agriculture, sanitation and more. These individuals – ‘life-givers’ mean that there are over 9,500 volunteers across the diocese who affect a huge range of community development issues. Praise God!

Lord Jesus

We thank you for these individuals and this incredible ministry. As the Niassa diocese grows and Bishop Vicente is enthroned, we pray blessings and more fruitfulness for this work.




Day 6: 6th March: Leaders

Here are some of the young leaders of the Anglican youth of Lebombo gathering in Xai-Xai church last September for a fantastic day of celebration, meditation, teaching & workshops on information technology in relation to the gospel, the environment & sexual education. The celebrations followed with tributes and diplomas for some of these young leaders who have done much to encourage the growth of the Anglican youth of Lebombo. For more photos of the day, click here: https://manna-anglican.org/2016/09/20/youth-celebrations-and-teaching-in-lebombo/

Lord Jesus

We pray your protection, wisdom and grace on these young people in Lebombo, leaders for today and tomorrow. We pray they will continue to put your first, whatever they face in their lives. 



Day 7: 7th March: Education

Theological education is one of the key priorities in the diocese of Angola and in both Mozambique dioceses. There is an universal recognition that investing in theological training for the current church leaders is key for the growth of the church of Angola. So it is great news that this summer Revd Dr. Marcus Throup will be visiting Angola to give short theological conferences to as many church leaders as possible.

Lord Jesus

We pray for Marcus, Bishop Andre and the church leaders who will attend the conferences that their faith will be enrichened and deepened as a result. 




Day 8: 8th March: Savings

One of the newest additions to the Diocese of Niassa’s Mission department is Savings Groups. Community savings and loan groups are composed of 15-25 people, who meet weekly to save their money. Records are kept and money is held in a common fund. It is lent out to members who use it for bigger investments and then pay the money back to the fund. Hear from a member of the group (whose name has been changed): 

“My name is Clara Choca. I am 38 years old, and living with HIV. I have been receiving HIV treatment for many years, thanks to the Anglican Church, which brings my medicines to me in my village every month. I am grateful for this, because it is a long way to walk to get medicine. My husband died in 2013, leaving me to take care of my four children alone. I do everything I can to feed my children, but two of my children were expelled from school because they didn’t have a school uniform. On the third of March, Maria (diocesan “adepto,” or fieldworker) came to my village and helped start a savings group. At first, I didn’t want to take part, because they said I had to contribute money every week. Maria led a bible study on 2 Kings 4:1-7, about a woman without money, but God multiplied her oil. This moved me deeply. I joined the group and already took out a loan. I bought fish three times in Mozambique and traveled to sell them in Malawi. I paid back my loan and had profit, and I am no longer struggling to care of my children. They can eat and are studying. I encourage all mothers to take part in savings groups. They are a way to improve life.”

Lord Jesus, 

We thank you for these groups and multiply them as you multiplied the oil.



Day 9: 9th March: Selfies

There’s something so lovely about seeing this bunch of young leaders in Lebombo, Mozambique taking selfies at their Youth Celebration. ‘Selfies’ are so often seen as self-obsessed photos with young people wanting to portray a certain image being vain and self-centred. The celebration these young people were at was the total opposite of that. It was about creating God-centred, obedient young men and women who want to serve others. Please join me in praying for them….

Lord Jesus 

We pray for these young people and their friends in Lebombo, Mozambique. We pray that they will be obedient humble followers of You, regardless of what life throws at them.



Day 10: 10th March: Churches

This photo is at the heart of what we are about: the community coming together to worship Jesus in their local church. Wherever we are in the world, we know that our local community is doing this and we know that this act of prayer and worship changes our hearts, our families, our communities and our countries.

Lord Jesus

As Anglican churches across Mozambique, Angola and the world worship you this weekend, we pray that our hearts will be changed and as a result your Kingdom will come. 



Day 11: 11th March: Nutrition

Nutrition during pregnancy and during a child’s first two years affects its life-long health and intellectual development. Many of the consequences of malnutrition during this window of time are irreversible. So the community development work in Niassa has expanded to teach parents how they can feed their young children well with the products that are locally available. Many, many mothers note a difference in their children’s health within weeks or months after starting to implement better feeding practices. Antonio Julio is 2 years old, and lives with his mother in Mapudje. In the past, he refused to eat anything, and only wanted to breastfeed. His mother had even taken him to the hospital, but they hadn’t been able to help. But the day that we practiced making enriched porridge, his mother tried to give him some. He not only kept eating, but he grabbed the spoon from his mother to eat by himself. Now his mother makes enriched porridge for him every day—and the rest of the family enjoys it, too.

Lord Jesus

Such small things can make a huge difference in a child’s life. We thank you for those who are introducing better nutrition to these families. 




Day 12: 12th March: Sacrifice

Here is Revd. Jacinto Cumbe and his wife Teófila who minister in Zove, Lebombo where the Berta Sengulane Health Centre is operates. Most of last year there has been much unrest in this area due to political instability and yet sacrificially they remain and minister in this area. We pray for them and the huge tasks they face daily.

Lord Jesus

Please protect & bless Jacinto and Teófila and bless the work of the Berta Sengulane Health Centre. 



Day 13: 13th March: Advocacy

Speaking out against injustice is a key part of the community development (ASA) work in Lebombo. Here the Acção Social Anglicana-Asa dress in black as a form of protest against all kinds of violence that exists in the world.

Father God

We aware of all sorts of domestic violence & injustice that goes on in Mozambique and the rest of the world. We thank you for groups like the ASA who are seeking to advocate for human rights and stand up against injustice. Open doors and hearts for them so they and your message will be heard. 



Day 14: 14th March: Conference

Last October, various leaders across Christian denominations got together for a conference in Luanda, Angola to discuss the Role of the Church in the Fight Against Malaria, HIV/AIDS & Maternal & Child Health. It’s these kind of events that go on, that make a difference to this vital work in Angola, bringing people together and bringing about change. The Anglican church in Angola was at the heart of this conference, doing its bit. Praise God.

Lord Jesus

We pray that as a result of this conference, the fight against HIV & malaria will be strengthened as organisations come together. 



Day 15: 15th March: Family Day

Every October, members of the churches from the Diocese of Lebombo have a weekend together, relaxing, chatting, worshipping, praying, eating, witnessing and generally ‘being family together’. This group of people are walking to go to worship together.

Lord Jesus

We pray for the Lebombo Diocesan Family Weekend this October that it will be a fruitful and beneficial time for all involved.



Day 16: 16th March: Collaboration

Here are Mothers Union members, Paulina, Hortencia & Gloria from Angola, Lebombo & Niassa collaborating together and sharing knowledge & experiences about Savings Programmes whilst on a recent trip to Angola funded by ERD. Quite simply, so much more can be done when we together and learn from each other.

Lord Jesus

We pray that from this trip many more women’s lives will be transformed through the Savings Programmes.



Day 17: 17th March: World AIDS Day


It is quite simply great news that the 3 Dioceses are so active in the fight against HIV. Here is some of the community development teams in Niassa marching for World AIDS day.

Father God

HIV has destroyed so many lives and so many families and yet there is now so much hope that things are turning around. Remind us not to be complacent and to continue to join in this fight. Give strength to those who continue to deal with this on a daily basis.



Day 18: 18th March: Bearing Fruit

This was posted on one of the Facebook pages from the youth of the churches in Mozambique & Angola. Translated it means: ‘No matter where you were born, no matter the difficulties you are facing, you must believe that you were born to bear fruit.’ What a challenge these young people from Mozambique & Angola have set us.

Lord Jesus

Wherever we find ourselves today, in whatever situation, we pray that we will bear fruit for you and your Kingdom. 




Day 19: 19th March: Working Together

Like MANNA, Anglican Overseas Aid supports the Diocese of Niassa and produced this brilliant report about their WASH work that MANNA also supports. How great it is when we work together.

Lord Jesus

We thank you for Anglican Overseas Aid in Australia. Bless them and their work. 



Day 20: 20th March: Cornerstone

In Boquisso, Diocese of Lebombo they are building a new church. Here is Bishop Carlos laying one of the cornerstones for the new building. Today we pray for the bishops of the dioceses, Bishop Carlos, Bishop Andre, Bishop Manuel and the almost Bishop of Niassa Bishop Vicente. They walk the very difficult and sacrificial paths of being the cornerstones of these churches and the communities. They depend on the true cornerstone of our church, Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus 

We thank you for your supreme example of being the true cornerstone of our church. We pray today for Bishops Andre, Carlos, Manuel & Vicente that you will give them the necessary wisdom, humility, patience, strength and vision to be cornerstones of the churches in Mozambique & Angola. 


Step by Step (2)

Day 21: 22nd March: Umoja


This wonderful group of people in Lebombo are working with the Accao Social Anglicana (the community development wing of the Diocese of Lebombo) to understand and practice ‘Umoja’ in their churches and communities. This Swahili word meaning ‘Unity, Working Together’ is a process, developed by Tearfund, which enables & empowers the church together to be able to holistically serve itself & the surrounding communities spiritually & physically.

Read more about it and what they have been doing here:.

Lord Jesus

Thank you for these people who are willing & open to learn more and different things to serve You better. 



Day 22: 23rd March: Choirs

This is the Chijinji Anglican Choir from Lichinga, Niassa. I’ve loved seeing some of their worship from a recently made DVD. Us Brits need to be reminded to loosen up, a little, in our worship. This choir certainly shows you how. 😉

Lord Jesus 

Thank you for the gift of song that enables us to worship you. Teach us worship you through all our little daily acts so our whole lives can be a gift of worship to you. 




Day 23: 24th March: Chatham House

In the summer of 2016 whilst Bishop Andre from Angola was visiting the UK, MANNA was delighted that he was able to participate in a Chatham House event, talking about the Role of the Anglican Church within Civil Society and Community Engagement in Angola. For more information see this excellent article.

Lord Jesus 

We pray that from this meeting at Chatham House the church in Angola will continue to grow and thrive. Amen. 


Day 24: 25th March: New Seminary 

The Portugese-speaking dioceses of Mozambique & Angola do not have their own theological college to serve these fast-growing dioceses of the Anglican church so the Diocese of Lebombo have exciting plans to build one but they need our help! Read here for more info.

Lord Jesus

We thank you for our fantastic theological colleges in the UK. We pray that you will bless this new venture in Lebombo. 



Day 25: 27th March: Mother’s Union

The extreme food shortage in parts of Angola meant that members of Mothers Union from churches in Cunene are working to try & identify malnutrition in young children. The Diocese of Angola works in partnership with other mission and development organisations, one of which is the JC Flowers Foundation that is working with others to support Mothers Union members in delivering life-saving malnutrition interventions to children in the region. In a country where the health situation is in dire need and its minimal resources are over-stretched, this is good to hear. For more info, read this:

Lord Jesus

Thank you for these committed women keen to serve you in the remote corners in Angola. Bless and resource their work. 



Day 26: 29th March: Background

MANNA supports the background needs of these Anglican churches that are largely invisible on a day-to-day basis but what the functioning of the whole Mozambican & Angolan dioceses depends on. For example, salaries, building costs, training, travel, etc. 95% of our support comes from individuals, churches and organisations. We could not exist and support the background needs of these dioceses without you all in the background. Thanks to those of you who do that, quietly without fuss.

Lord Jesus

Thank you for those individuals who quietly give and serve these churches. 



Day 27: 30th March: Bringing Hope

The Youth Group from St Stephen’s, Luanda goes to visit the Hospital in Malanje bringing messages of hope and they also give blood which is much needed.

Lord Jesus

Thank you for these young people who are actly justly in their country and bringing hope. 



Day 28: 31st March: Child Marriage

Here is Bishop Dinis – the previous Bishop of Lebombo who was one of the longest serving Bishops in the Anglican Communion, doing his bit to continue fighting against injustice – advocating against child marriage.

Lord Jesus

We know that wherever we find ourselves, whatever age we are and whatever our circumstances are, we are called to fight against the injustices in our society. Thank you for those who are fighting against child marriage. 



Day 29: 3rd April: Theological Students

Enabled by a trust via MANNA, two young students Jeremias & Francisco have just started studying Theology at University in Luanda to then become Anglican priests in Angola. This is a wonderful opportunity for these young men and we pray for the fruit of their ministries in the years to come.

Lord Jesus

We pray for Jeremias and Francisco that their theological studies will deepen, strengthen and grow their faith in Your life-giving Gospel. 



Day 30: 4th April: Entrepeneurs

Here is Bishop Carlos in Lebombo giving out certificates to young Anglicans who had participated in a course on on business & entrepeneurs.

Lord Jesus

We thank you for these young people and their desire to be part of Your good news story in Mozambique. 



Day 31: 5th April: Training

The Diocese of Niassa (like Angola and Lebombo) is busy expanding and training up more people. They hope to multiply by September 2017 with a new Diocese called the Diocese of Lurio and its centre as Nampula. They are already building accommodation and a training centre for field workers, clergy, groups, conferences. For more info click here:

Lord Jesus

Please continue to grow these churches and the workers needed to reap your harvest.



Day 32: 6th April: Teams 

There are many teams across the Dioceses doing different things. This is the WASH (Water & Sanitation) team in Niassa whilst Joanne Beale was there. This vital work still continues across various parts of Niassa being led locally by Mario, Muassite & Rebecca and Domingos, Eugenia, Mambo & Patricio still doing the day-to-day work, effecting change in water and sanitation practices. 

Lord Jesus

We pray that this important work will continue to flourish in the Diocese of Niassa.



Day 33: 7th April: Research

Revd. Dr Helen Van Koevering who was previously the Director of Mission in Niassa, Mozambique has been awarded a PhD with her thesis  on ‘spontaneous growth of church communities and community priests’ in this area of northern Mozambique. In the midst of extraordinary church growth of 2003 – 2013 in this Anglican Diocese, a training program for community priests was developed for church communities in mission and in an Anglo-Catholic missionary tradition.

Lord Jesus

We know that the seeds sown in these years will grow into huge oak trees. We pray your Holy life-giving Spirit will be at the heart of this growth. Amen. 


Day 34: 8th April: New Bishop

What could be better news than a new Bishop for Niassa, marking a new era! Here is Bishop Vicente with his wife, Anastacia and family here with Archbishop Thabo Makgoba in Lichinga last weekend. Pray without ceasing for him and his family as he faces a new task of the leadership across this busy diocese.

Father God

We pray that Bishop Vicente stays close to you as he treads the path of responsibility in Niassa and seeks to lead the clergy and churches there. 



Day 35: 9th April: Youth Conference

I’m sure we’ve used this title for a day before (!) but the Diocese of Angola is so busy having Youth conferences in various churches, it’s great to spread the Good News again about this type of thing going on….

Father God

We pray your blessings on these young people that they will bear witness to You to their friends and neighbours authentically and with the Christ-like conviction.



Day 36: 11th April: Responsibility

A rare photo of 7 bishops together from South Africa, Mozambique and the UK. The responsibility of the churches weighs on the shoulders of these men and so today and every day we should pray for them and their hearts.

Father God

We thank you for these men and their commitment to you and the churches of London, Mozambique & South Africa. We pray that you will guard their hearts and stand close to them as they make huge decisions on a daily basis.  



Day 37: 12th April: Mother’s Union

This is Mama Kikala. A force to be reckoned with. A Mother’s Union member from Angola who leads and advises on programmes of malaria, micro-credit progammes and more. In March, she was invited to be part of United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference in New York where she spoke on a panel.

Lord Jesus

We thank you for Mama Kikala and other Mothers like her in both Angola and Mozambique who are sharing their knowledge to improve the lives of women in Angola.


Copy of Step by Step

Day 38: 13th April: Suffering

This week, as we follow the path tread by Jesus towards the cross, we think about His suffering and the suffering of so many in Mozambique and Angola on a daily basis. Here is a parish from Lebombo on Palm Sunday. As we look across them, waving their palms, who knows the sufferings they bear as they walk daily with the Lord?

Lord Jesus

As we think on your sufferings this week, we are challenged to think less of our own problems and instead think more about the lives of those in Mozambique and Angola. 


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