Welcome to MANNA’s Advent 2017 campaign: #ThenandNow!

To mark the momentous occasion of our up and coming 100th magazine, we shall be sharing photos of MANNA from years gone by and guidelines of what we can pray for going forward for the churches of Mozambique & Angola. MANNA’s history is rich & varied and a set of the old magazines where the photos come from, originally called the ‘Lebombo Leaves’, exists as part of the USPG archives, held in the Bodleian library, Oxford.

The stories that come from many many years ago, sometimes make for uncomfortable reading and sometimes sound very familiar. They are stories of struggles with floods, food shortages and finance, lack of educational opportunities and bouts of illness, yet all constantly entwined with an unswerving faith in an Almighty & Loving God.

With thanks to the Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford and USPG Archives.

USPG Periodicals: Lebombo Leaves, Years 1933-1942

Day 10: Legacy

#Then: This fascinating photo shows three Bishops from Lebombo from 1873-1921, Bishops Smyth, Fuller and Fisher, each passing on the

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Day 9: Giftings

#Then: Mr Arthur Wright was a young carpenter and builder who worked in Mozambique and built, amongst other things, this

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Day 6: Commitment

#Then: Back in 1974, the focus in these magazines was still on the ‘missionaries’ and their commitment to the building

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