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The life of the Anglican Church in Mozambique and Angola is awash with stories of inspirational individuals who ‘caught’ what the Holy Spirit was doing in communities & churches across southern Africa and joined in…


In Advent 2016, MANNA ran a social media campaign called #StoriesofLoveComing highlighting the stories of individuals across the churches of Mozambique and Angola who have brought love to their communities & churches through their lives & actions. You can still read these awesome stories below…


Following the Anglican Advent themes, we looked at some incredible #StoriesofLoveComing:  

Week 1:

The Patriarchs (Stories of individuals across Mozambique and Angola who have brought the gospel to the communities over the years)

Week 2:

The Prophets (Stories of individuals across Mozambique and Angola who have been prophetic in calling for change in community development, justice, education and social action from within the church)

Week 3:

John the Baptist (Stories of individuals across Mozambique and Angola who have been evangelists and instrumental in bringing people to faith)

Week 4:

Mary the Mother of Jesus (Stories of Mothers Union members across Mozambique and Angola who have been key to their communities and churches) 

Week 1: The Patriarchs

Bernard Mizeki

Born into a poor rural background in Inhambane, Mozambique in 1861, Be...

Dacosta Emmanuel

Dacosta Emmanuel, son of Simão Teca and Isabel Mafuta, was born on th...

Yohanna Abdullah

This #StoriesofLoveComing begins back in 1898 and it is the story of a...

Week 2: The Prophets

Esperança Vunduke

One evening in October 2012, a woman was admitted to the remote health...

Francisco Momade

So many of these #StoriesofLoveComing could also be #StoriesofEnduring...

Maria Mcambula

Maria’s story is the first in our 2nd week of #StoriesofLoveCom...

Week 3: John the Baptist

Luis Kawawa

This week’s #StoriesofLoveComing focuses on individuals who have...

Padre Alberto

Padre Alberto Passiel was been born in Ribaué in Nampula province and...

Week 4: Mary

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